In the second week of the ongoing trial of Raoul Weil in Florida, Martin Liechti continues to provide testimonies against Weil, his former boss and friend. Raoul Weil’s lawyer still plead not guilty, but the new question is whether Weil will change his stance and decide to cooperate and involve other executives.

Newsweek reports that ‘according to senior American lawyers briefed on the matter, [the question] is whether Weil, who faces up to five years in jail, might eventually decide to cooperate with the government and finger other former senior UBS executives and former board members, some of whose names appear on Liechti’s potentially incriminating documents’.

The names that came up are for example Peter Kurer, former chief general counsel of UBS and now a partner at BLR & Partners, or Mark Branson, former chief financial officer for the private banking unit and now head of the FINMA.