During an interview with Finews, Christian Rahn, a partner of Rahn & Bodmer Co, comments on the situation with the US. The bank is a Category 1 institution, i.e. banks that were already under investigation by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) at the time of the publication of the US Tax Program on August 29, 2013. They are excluded from this Program. They need to find a solution based on direct negotiations with the DoJ. Fines are defined on an individual basis.

C. Rahn confirms that there was a time when the bank held undeclared assets but times have changes and they are now adapting as well. More specifically for the US-related clients he confirm that this clientele was never central to the strategy of the bank. As of now the strategy is to not accept US-related clients that are not compliant.

As for the timeline of a possible resolution of the tax dispute for Rahn & Bodmer Co, there is no set date yet, but discussions are ongoing.