Credit Suisse – Zürich

We learn from the Department of Justice (DoJ) statement that Credit Suisse has pleaded guilty. So have 2 employees so far.

The plea has been registered in Virginia and will expect that Credit Suisse pays a total of $2.6 bn – $1.8 bn to the Department of Justice for the U.S. Treasury, $100 m to the Federal Reserve, and $715 m to the New York State Department of Financial Services.

This article also details the means used for helping the US client concealing their account. This includes for example structuring transfers of funds to evade currency transaction reporting requirements or providing offshore credit/debit cards to repatriate funds in the accounts

Department of Justice:
Department of Justice press release
Plea Agreement
Statement of Facts
Waiver of an Indictment
Criminal Information
Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division Kathryn Keneally
Attorney General Eric Holder
Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole

Credit Suisse:
Credit Suisse press release

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
FINMA press release
FINMA Summary report

Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation:
Federal Council press release