Reuters reported that Royal Bank of Scotland, the state-owned UK bank,is considering selling Coutts International. The transaction could bring between $720 million and $1.1 billion, i.e. 2 to 3% of the assets under management. It may break up Coutts International to sell its different units.

Coutts is registered under Category 2 of the US Program, like a hundred of the Swiss banks. According to a memo from RBS reported by Reuters, the Coutts unit, which posted a net loss last year due to provisions including for a U.S. tax crackdown, is unlikely to hit a return on equity target of more than 15 percent.

Last year, Coutts International’s operating profit stood at 103 million francs when stripping out costs to cover the U.S. tax crackdown, close a branch in Berne, Switzerland and for bad loans granted in Asia.