The Wall Street Journal summarizes the opening of R. Weil court case that started on 14.10.14 in Florida. He is one of the few high-ranking executive of a big financial institution, UBS, facing criminal charges in connection with helping wealthy US clients to avoid tax.

The defense line is that R. Weil  not only did not encourage the behavior of the bankers in helping US clients dodging taxes, but was not even aware of what a group of crooked bankers where doing below him. Some of those bankers pleaded guilty and struck a deal with the authorities.

The prosecution line is that R. Weil was not only aware of what was going on, but helped arranging the scheme.

It should be remembered that UBS cooperated with the government and the investigators on this matter and agreed in 2009 to pay $780 m, and handed in a number of client names to settle the US tax evasion case.

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